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Galaxy 4K-12 HFR

3D stereo, 12,000 lumens, 4K three-chip DLP projector

With its 4K (4096x2160) resolution and 12,000 lumens light output, Barco’s Galaxy 4K-12 projector brings high-fidelity 3D imagery to virtual reality installations worldwide.

The Galaxy 4K-12 features patented color convergence technology. In addition to the excellent color saturation of three-chip DLP technology, the projector also ensures solid color and brightness uniformity. For high fidelity 3D applications with full 4K resolution, the Galaxy 4K projector is what you seek. 

3D stereo flexibility

Thanks to the projector’s 4K resolution, important details are more visible than ever, whether in design models or in layers of geophysical data. With active 3D stereo and optional active Infitec Excellence 3D in its native 4K resolution, you can choose the type of 3D stereo that fits you best.

Its New active Infitec Excellence filters offers 40% more stereo lumens and excellent stereo separation between left and right eye content.

In for the long haul

With a sealed optical engine and enhanced display chip cooling, Barco’s Galaxy 4K series makes sure its core components don’t falter over time. In addition, the Galaxy 4K’s modular design ensures quick servicing and increases uptime, and its user-friendly interface makes diagnostic and setup operations a breeze. This includes a choice between direct lamp replacement and full lamp house swaps, depending on your needs.


Digital MicroMirror Device™ 3 x 1.38" DC4K dark metal devices
Native resolution 4,096 x 2,160 pixels
Housing Hermetically sealed DMDs and optical assembly
Lamp 2kW (Xenon lamp)
Light output 12,000 lumens (2kW lamp)
Screen size Up to 23m / 75 ft wide
Contrast ratio 2,000:1
Digital Video Inputs 2 x DisplayPort 1.1a, 2 x 3G-SDI SMPTE 292/424, HDMI 1.4a on projector
4 x DisplayPorts 1.1a and 4 x 3-pin Mini Din stereo inputs on MCM-400 
Control I/O Ethernet, 8x GPIO, Serial RS232
Prime lenses Fixed focal 0.72, 0.9:1 lenses for on-axis usage
1.13 - 1.66 zoom lens
Projector diagnostics via PC touch panel
via Communicator control software
via SNMP agent
Power requirements 200-240V 17A 50-60Hz
12,000 BTU/hr (with 2kW lamp)
Dimensions 604(H) x 754(W) x 1129(D) mm
23.78(H) x 29.69(W) x 44.45(D) inch
NB.: min. 5 cm of air inlet spacing required at the bottom of projector
Weight 134 kg (295 lbs)
Ambient temperature 35°C / 95°F Max.
Exhaust airflow 350 - 390 CFM (10 - 11 m³/min)
Standard Features Full 4K mono and 3D active stereo capabilities
CLO (Constant Light Output)
Powerful SNMP agent
Motorized/memorized lens (focus & shift)
HDCP support
Advanced patented DMD cooling
Image processing device MCM-400 HFR is standard offered as package with the projector to further expand input flexibilties and allow multi channel usage.