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Long lifetime and high reliability for minimal downtime

22,000 lumens, WUXGA, 3-chip DLP laser phosphor large venue projector


  • Stunning experiences thanks to high-brightness images
  • Savings on installation and shipping time
  • Laser phosphor light source for reduced costs 
  •  24/7 operation

The UDX range delivers stunning experiences and savings on installation and shipping time, reducing costs significantly. The most compact, high-brightness laser projectors with integrated cooling on the market bring reliable and razor-sharp 4K images to every type of event and venue.

The UDX-W22’s WUXGA resolution and 22,000 lumens light output ensure flawless shows with accurate colors at all times. The Constant Light Output (CLO) also provides constant brightness and color over time. Users enjoy the widest color spectrum in the industry that matches the renowned Xenon quality and outperforms the Rec. 709 color space - without compromising on brightness.

Cut costs with laser projection

The laser phosphor light source reduces lamp-related costs, maintenance as well as image flicker. The result is a  long lifetime and high reliability for minimal downtime, while compact and rugged design reduces shipping and labor costs. The modular components limit servicing time. You can also reuse your TLD+ lenses.

Pick your brightness and resolution

The unique FLEX² feature tunes and locks your brightness and resolution to a specific show so you can cover a wider range of brightness levels and resolutions with fewer projectors.

Faster processing for sharper images

The Barco Pulse 4K electronics offer an intuitive interface and flexible, user-friendly, embedded control software. Its Single Step Processing (SSP) allows for sharper images and less latency.

 Ready for 32K lumens projectionthe light output of a projector or light, measured in lumens automatic geometric image correction across curved surfaces   designed to withstand the most severe conditionscompact system24-7 operation                                                    


Projector type                            WUXGA 3-chip DLP digital projector
Technology                            0.96" DMD™ x3
Resolution                            1,920 x 1,200
Brightness                            22,000 center lumens* / 21,000 ansi lumens
Contrast ratio                            2,000:1
Brightness uniformity                            95%
Aspect ratio                            16:10
ScenergiX                            Horizontal and vertical edge blending
Lenses                            TLD+ 0.37:1 ; 0.65:1 ; 0.73:1 ; 0.85:1 ; 1.2:1 ; 1.25 -1.6:1 ; 1.5-2.0:1 ; 2.0-2.8:1 ; 2.8-4.5:1 ;  4.5-7.5:1 ; 7.5-11.5:1
Optical lens shift                            Vert -100% to +130% / Hor +/-40% on zoom lenses memorized
Color correction                            P7
Light source                            Laser phosphor with inorganic phosphor wheel
Light source lifetime                            +25,000 hrs (at 100% power)
Optical dowser                            Digital
Picture-in-picture                            Two sources simultaneously
Sealed DLP™ core                            standard
Orientation                            360°
DMX 512                            standard*
WARP                            Direct adjust OSD + toolset
Integrated web server                            Yes
CLO (constant light output)                            Standard
3D                            Active eye wear (optional), passive circular (optional); 3 flash up to 200Hz* 
Inputs                            Single HDBt; HDMI 2.0 (HDCP 2.2); DP 1.2 (HDCP 1.3); Quad SDI/HDSDI/dual HDSDI/6G/BarcoLink
Optional Inputs                            Quad DP1.2
Input resolutions                            From NTSC up to 4K (4,096 x 2,560)
Max. pixel clock                            600 Mhz
Software tools                            Projector Toolset + Android app* + iOS app*
Control                            XLR wired + IR, RS232, Wifi, GSM (opt)
Network connection                            10/100 base-T, RJ-45 connection, Wifi (optional)*
Power requirements                            120-160V (reduced power)/ 200-240V (+/- 10%), 20A, 50-60Hz(reduced power on 110v)
Max. power consumption                            1,900 W @ 230 volts/ STBY less than 10W
Noise level (typical at 25°C/77°F)                            49dB(A)
Operational ambient temperature                            0°-40°C/ 32°-104°F (45°C reduced power)
Operational humidity                            0-80% (non condens)
Dissipation BTU                            Max. 6,600 BTU/h
Dimensions (WxLxH)                            660 x 830 x 350 mm (25.98 x 32.67 x 13.77")
Shipping Dimensions                            (LxWxH) 1200 x 800 x 685 mm / (47.24 x 31.49 x 26.96")
Weight                            87.5kg (193 lbs)/shipping weight from factory: 105kg (231 lbs)
Standard accessories                            Power cord, wireless/XLR wired rugged remote control
Certifications                            Compliant with UL60950-1 and EN60950-1 complies with FCC rules & regulations, part 15 Class A and CE EN55032 Class A, Rohs
Warranty                            3 years
*                            Software upgradeable, please contact your local authorized Barco sales representative