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Instant VideoWall

Complete video wall solution in one package

A tiled LCD video wall offers the comfort of a very large display, in many possible applications. In order to ease the configuration task for you, Barco offers packages containing all the necessary equipment to get your video wall operational in no time. Available in a variety of configurations, the packages include the displays and needed mounting equipment. Optionally these packages can be extended by a wall controller that fits your needs.

The video wall that best suits your needs

For this package, Barco selected the 55" OverView HVD5521 and KVD5521 tiled LCD video wall panels. With their extremely thin gap, they form a great looking, bright video wall in 2x2, 3x2 or 4x2 setup. The Instant VideoWall is also available in combination with the OBLX or OBPX series free-standing structure, enabling you to position the video wall anywhere, without the need for wall support.

Choose your controller (optional)

To show web content, process applications, MS-Office documents, or simply display your laptop on the video wall, Barco’s series of controllers are designed to meet your requirements. Choose the needed number of DVI and video inputs, ClickShare systems, the display & content management, and dashboard capabilities, and from our TransForm family of controllers we will propose the best suited configuration.





LCD specificationsOverView HVD5521
OverView KVD-5521

55" Display



Width2430 mm| 95.7"3646 mm| 43.5"4861 mm| 191.4"
Height1372 mm| 54.0"1372 mm| 54.0"1372 mm| 54.0"
Article number
Sales NumberCommercial Description
R9843055_A31KVD 55" 2x2 OBLX video wall
R9843055_A32KVD 55" 3x2 OBLX video wall
R9843055_A33KVD 55" 4x2 OBLX video wall
R9843055_A34KVD 55" 2x1 OBPX video wall
R9843055_A35KVD 55" 3x1 OBPX video wall
R9843055_A36KVD 55" 4x1 OBPX video wall
R9843065_A31KVD 2x2 video wall, 55" display, basic wall mount
R9843065_A32KVD 3x2 video wall, 55" display, basic wall mount
R9843065_A33KVD 4x2 video wall, 55" display, basic wall mount
R9843055_A54HVD 55" 2x2 NSL Mount
R9843055_A55HVD 55" 3x2 NSL Mount
R9843055_A56HVD 55" 4x2 NSL Mount
R9843055_A57HVD 55" 2x1 OBPX video wall
R9843055_A58HVD 55" 3x1 OBPX video wall
Package content
  • Four, six or eight LCD-Panels: OverView HVD5521 or OverView KVD5521
  • Basic Wall Mounts
  • 20m DVI cables
  • Barco Wall Control